I take out my tongue
and without having the desire to rediscover the taste of the night
I swallow a piece, little by little,
not to forget that I can drown in it
like when I have your hands on your hips
your tongue in your throat,
your fury in the urgency of my madness.

I take out my tongue
and I announce to silence,
I gently adore you in you, without echo
I let myself be taken, eat, exhausted
because it’s the only way I can get back to me
it’s through you



.the words that come betrayed.


not exactly the words that come betrayed
not by a stem flowered you translate into life
not from the brink of your will that resurface

ooze his soul is precious
lay the hard way in life is to break down it
without rules, without hesitation

not exactly out of the mouth that comes a kiss
not by the frivolity of a gesture that you find pleasure
It is not within the boundary of your identity that you can intrude

grab the hottest hours, you strike the sun with your crying
made poison precious facts reverb absinthe
and ascend fair in your most candid madness